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Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

Friday, May 2, 2008

The House of Chew

Today I lost a lamp to the Rock-star. I am glad it wasn't plugged in but I wouldn't have minded if he got a little shock just to teach him not to do it. I fear if it had been plugged in that he would have gotten cooked though. I really don't want that but I would like to know what would make him figure out how to behave.

Let us list what he has destroyed now, shall we. A lamp, two dog beds, countless shoe strings, a few shoes, carpet, part of a door, part of a piece of wall trim, too many dog toys to count, several old towels, parts of mailing boxes, parts of letters and envelopes, a few toys including stuffed animals, legos, and various small ones, a picture frame, the belt to my robe, part of a bra, two throw rugs, magazines, a book, a plant, ... and that's all I can think of right now. Here's the thing though -- he only weighs like 13 pounds. And we leave lots of chew toys out for him. Confining him doesn't work because... well, let's just say he decorates in poo. Everything in the room, that is. Leaving him out (with our other dog who is well behaved) and closing every door in the house is the only way that anything else has survived. That and my telling him as we leave to be good and he'll get a chew stick. Actually I know the only words he understands are "good" and "chew stick." But apparently that's enough.

The vet doesn't really have any suggestions either so I guess we'll keep going and hopefully it will sink in at some point. Believe it or not, he has gotten a little better. At least he doesn't misbehave at the kennel -- which is his Holiday Inn when we go camping or such. At some point, I know I won't have to worry anymore. Either he'll learn.... or there won't be anything left.

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bekster said...

Be glad that he's only 13 pounds. I have had to deal with dogs much bigger than that who like to "chew."

Bigger Dog = Bigger Teeth and Bigger Stomach

Bigger Stomach = Bigger Poo and/or Throw Up

I am reminded of a scene from the musical "White Christmas":

"How do you keep an angry dog from biting you on Monday?"

"That joke is old; the answer is to kill the dog on Sunday."

"That's not the way to keep a dog from biting you on Monday."

"How would you bring the thing about?"

"Have the doggy's teeth pulled out!"