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Friday, July 29, 2011

Monkeying Around

I've come to the conclusion that the Rugrat's favorite animal must be monkeys. She has shown a definite preference. She even specifically requested a shirt the other day to wear by pointing to it, saying "this one," and then telling me it had monkeys on it.

So I guess it's a good thing I have some experience making monkeys, huh? Remember Molly Monkey (the free pattern I found online) and my post about her here. I yanked out the pattern again.

Once I had chosen my fabrics to use, I took a look at the old post and the picture there. I had chosen almost the same of everything. Whoops. Let's mix it up a little, BB. And so I did.

I still like the combination of red and blue though so I just did a little opposites thing. That counts as mixing it up, right?

Her socks and shoes (and, well, skin) are the same but I changed up pretty much everything else -- even her eye color.

By the way, the fact that each of her eyes can apparently look in a different direction is actually a very special talent of hers, NOT a deformity. I did manage to get her ears even this time but they are, much like many humans, not the same shape either. Oh well.

I took two evenings to do her. I love having something to keep my hands busy while I'm watching TV. Rugrat came down the stairs the first morning and immediately spotted her little faceless stuffed body. She grabbed her up, proclaimed "monkey," and carried her off.

When she put her down, she laid her on top of her toy box. I figured she was done with her and asked for her back. Rugrat just looked at the floor and said, "no." I asked if she was all done playing with her because I needed to finish sewing her, and she told me no, she was not all done.

The next time I looked, poor little Molly had been 'hidden' under a pile of things so that she couldn't be carried off by any evildoers (or seamstresses). Don't worry, though. Rugrat would periodically check on her by peering through the side of the table her toy box is kept under.

I'm assuming then that Molly is a successful venture. She might manage to avoid leaving us like the first Molly. Rugrat has already made it clear to Rocky that her stuffed toys are off limits. He seems to have gotten the message because he SURE doesn't mess with hers. His, on the other hand, well, that's another story.

Molly number 2 might just stand a chance.

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Amanda said...

I so glad you made another monkey! Everytime I help the girls clean up, I feel bad that Molly is at our house, instead of with Emily. I should point out that I am constantly picking Molly up off the floor, so she obviously gets plenty of use. Sounds like her twin will get plenty of use as well.

I hope to see you and your sweet family Sunday!