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Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Latest Project

We have a little window next to our door. The dog, cat, and Rugrat all enjoy having it there so they can see the goings-on outside. The unfortunate thing about it though is that it is lined directly up with our living room couch.

Not a problem really except that being in a brand new neighborhood means every salesman that ever lived is going to hit your house weekly.

There is seriously not a week that goes by that we don't have at least one salesman knocking on our doors.

And the window allows them to see us sitting there on our couch as they walk to the door.

It's not that I want to be ugly or rude. I get that they are just doing their job. But my policy is not to buy from anyone unless I contact them not the other way around. So they aren't going to make a sale when they knock on our door. Period. Not a single one has yet (unless they were wearing a Girl Scout/Brownies uniform or were under the age of 13).

So I would just prefer to let them knock and walk away. Leave some literature if you wish but save my time and yours.

Lately, I've been reading reports of people who are knocking on doors to break in or take women/children for more nefarious purposes too so I'm slowly beginning to adopt the policy that I won't open the door at all unless I know you (like a lot of people I know are doing).

But that plan can be thrown for a loop when the person outside can see you so I made a little trip the other day.

After a little sewing and a grand total of $12 (which included the window hardware), I installed a little curtain.

It was simply a long panel that I put a pocket on either end of for the rod to hold. I had assumed I would have to rig up some long springs since I have not seen any kind of curtain or rod made specifically for these type of windows. I still haven't seen any curtains that are sold for them. But Lowe's had one (only one) kind of short little tension rod sets that are intended for these skinny windows. Those cost half of my $12 but it also meant I didn't have to put a hole into the facing to attach my springs so I'm good with that.

I made it about 3 times as wide as I needed it so that it is gathered in there further reducing the visibility through the sheer and making it a little prettier too.

It is sheer enough for us to see out but, with the darkened outside of the window, someone would really have to be peering in to see anything. And it would only work then if the light was coming in through our back window in the living room. I know. I checked and tried.

The bonus so far has been that Rocky doesn't bark every time he sees a leaf blowing across the front yard. And I think Hubby and I both feel like we have a little more privacy in our own home.

My $12 was well spent as far as we're all concerned.

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