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Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brrr... It's Cold In Here

There must be a some _________ in the atmosphere.

My children thought repeating that cheer resulted in the most strange words that ever came out of my mouth. I don't know why but it annoys them immensely for me to chant it. So, of course, I do quite frequently (usually resulting in "MOM!").

And this weekend I've had lots of opportunities. It suddenly dropped to the 20's on Saturday and continued into the week.

If you don't know anything about small dogs, let me enlighten you on one point. If it is cold and/or rainy, they will not go out. They will hold it until they simply cannot anymore. On Saturday, it was both cold and rainy. We opened the door for Rocky and he looked outside and said, "yeah, that's a nice view" but he didn't move. We even took him outside and he walked right back to the door attempting to look pitiful. When it finally stopped raining for a bit, we pushed him out the door again. I've never seen anything make water that fast and get back to the door. I admit I didn't want to be out there either but he at least had a fur coat.

Because of the weather, we pretty much huddled in the house and found stuff to do. I ended up decluttering my sewing desk. I finally finished lining a certain weekender bag I had made. I hemmed a pair of gardening capris I made two summers ago and cannibalized the buttons and such from another pair that had been worn out. I felt so good having all that done that I decided to sew something else.

When Rocky was a puppy, we bought him a blanket from the dollar store that fit him perfectly. When he outgrew it, I traced it on a piece of paper intending to enlarge it and make him a new one. I pulled that pattern out and found the perfect fabric in my stash. It had cartoon cats on it holding hearts -- hee hee. I enlarged the pattern until it seemed to fit him, cut it out and sewed the two pieces together. Since it needed to be warm, I added some batting.

Here it is all sewed, turned, and ironed. Looks a lot like a giant bib with tabs.

Look at all those cute little kitties. I added some velcro tabs in the right places and voila!

Here he is sporting it. I think it might be a tad long because his tail just barely peeks out. But I cut down my pattern so the next one I sew won't be.

He still wouldn't go outside in the cold rain though. Stubborn little booger. At least, he's stylish.


Amanda said...

You're awesome: for sewing your dog a coat and for bugging your kids. hahaha

Born Blonde said...

All in a (Mom's) days work, I guess. LOL