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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Molly Monkey

I got the itch to sew the other night. But I didn't really have anything I wanted to sew. Until I came across this pattern I had printed out some time ago. I decided to give it a go.

And didn't she turn out cute!

From her cute little beret to her striped socks, she is sweet, sweet. Like all of us, she isn't perfect though. Somehow, her ears are on a little crooked. Not sure how I managed that since I followed the pattern exactly but I'm saying it is so her beret goes on just right.

My favorite thing is her little shoes...

I just think they turned out adorable.

Normally, her shoes, skirt, and beret would be separate pieces but I followed the suggestion by the pattern author for younger children and attached them all to her at the back of each piece. If you want to try making a monkey for yourself, the pattern is free and can be found here. I imagine someone creative could also make this into a boy monkey without a skirt or cute shoes -- say, using a camo for the body and beret, then make a pair of shorts and some black or brown shoes minus the flower.

Unfortunately, we are probably only going to be a foster family for Molly Monkey. Rocky thinks all stuffed creatures are his toys. I can just imagine him enjoying de-stuffing her, from the tail up. So I'll probably have to find a little girl to adopt her. But she was awful fun to make.


Nancy T. said...

I have been seeing these on the internet. They are so cute. You did a good job.

Born Blonde said...

I was thinking they would be great for a craft fair or fundraiser. Of course, you'd have to get permission from her to sell them for it but I bet they'd be a winner.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the monkey! Katie has been carrying her everywhere. She is really pleased to have a handmade doll (or monkey) ;)

Born Blonde said...

You are quite welcome! It did my heart good to see her loving on it like she was.

And don't feel bad later if you need to .... pass it on to someone else. I totally get that. :)