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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Best Kind of Reusable Bag

By continuing to read this entry, you agree that if you see this bag on the secret sister table, you will immediately look away and pretend you didn't. Oh, uh, and if your name is on it, just remember that I'm posting this for a FRIEND.

I was having a difficult time wrapping my secret sister gift the other day. So I decided to just make a drawstring bag. After she 'unwraps' it, she can use the bag for any other number of things.

Drawstring bags are so cool to have around because they make it easy to carry just about anything. And they are peaches and cream to make!

You just fold a long rectangle in half and sew up the sides.

Unless you want the pattern to go upward on BOTH sides instead of just one. Then you need to cut out each smaller rectangular side and sew the bottom and the sides.

Then just make a casing for the twill tape or cord and thread it in. If you want a double drawstring, you thread in from opposite sides with two separate cords.

If a lot of that sounded like Greek to you (you know, like, if you don't speak Greek), then you can see a very much clearer set of instructions on making a drawstring bag here.

I put a plastic hoop on the twill tape on this one to keep it from disappearing into the casing. You could also use a large bead, a carabiner, or some other decorative thing.

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