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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Girl's Retreat

A couple of weeks ago, I, the Chick, and Rugrat all made our way to Branson, MO to meet up with my mom. We had originally planned for it to include my sister-in-law and the daughter of my mom's husband as well but life and work got in the way.

My mom wanted to go ahead with it and the Chick and I were kind of excited about going, so we just went ahead with hopes that we could organize it a little earlier so that all of us could go next time.

We had wanted to see one show (things are kind of expensive there) and my mom had gone enough with others that she had seen Dixie Stampede twice already so her only desire was that it not be that again. We settled on a show and went to it. Guess where we went...

It wasn't my fault. Really.

When Mom found out that we might be able to go to the Christmas version, she decided she would like to see that one. Apparently, one of the showings she went to before was supposed to be the Christmas one but turned out not to be. The Chick and I had been to the original show when she was in about the 5th grade in Myrtle Beach on a class field trip, so the Christmas version was new to us as well.

We showed up a little over an hour before showtime only to find out that they were 'sold out.' After finding out that we were leaving, the woman ran to the back, then returned saying she had found us four seats that ended up being very nice seats in my opinion. We were essentially on the 50-yard line (except the 50 yard line would have been at the end of the arena rather than in the center on one side or the other) so we basically directly faced the 'stage.'

I am claustrophobic so I really needed to be at the end of a row and that's where we were plus it was below a waiter's station so we had extra space for Rugrat if she got antsy. The lady was also nice enough to throw in a souvenir boot cup for each of us (special drinks come in them and they usually cost a couple of dollars a piece).

I wasn't sure how the Rugrat would respond to the show but she was into it. She didn't start asking if it was time to leave until about half an hour before it ended when her tummy was full and they were finishing everything up. It began with some falling snow and she turned to me and asked if we were outside. And she loved getting to 'stampede' by banging on the table. I got a flag for us. My mom and Chick sat there picking at each other and having fun being silly. We had a great time even though we had ruled out the whole show to begin with so I'm really glad we went.

Afterward, we drove through their light display. It wasn't even close to as massive as the one in James Island County Park in Charleston, SC but it was nice. And it put me in the Christmas spirit.

We also, of course, engaged in Branson's most famous tourist activity -- shopping. Chick got several more of her gifts taken care of. I got a couple of things too but it was more fun to me to look at everything.

On our last day we went to an Old Time Photo session. This post is getting rather long so I'll show the pictures from it on Thursday.

I'm glad we got to go. I had a lot of fun and the Chick chattered all the way home about how much she enjoyed it.

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