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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Successful Outing for Mom and Dad

On Saturday, we went to an annual event at our congregation -- the Couple's Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and the fondue pot we bought for Dirty Santa got passed around until it was frozen so we got a few laughs from that too.

This also marked the Rugrat's first time getting babysat by Chick. They had free babysitting available but I was a little leery. At our old congregation, the babysitting (except for a very few events) usually consisted of throwing all the kids in one big room and letting them 'play' (which looked more like "Lord of the Flies" to me or, at the very least, a whole lot of sugar-induced craziness). We usually didn't participate in the babysitting until the children were old enough to hold their own. Even then, I was a little concerned and didn't usually use it. I wasn't sure what this congregation's idea of babysitting was.

But that wasn't the only reason we decided to keep her at home. She still doesn't always play well with others. It may be that is only in her own territory but I don't know and I knew I wouldn't be present to correct any of that type of behavior.

If she didn't play the bully, I was afraid she might be freaked out by how many children there were. Any time we've been in a large crowd, especially if it was close, she gets pretty concerned and wants to be held, usually by me alone. So, I was afraid she would either be scared-freaked-out or gangsta-freaked-out.

On top of that, the thing was supposed to last until 9:00 pm. Her bedtime is 8:30. I figured if she stayed with Chick (and Dude), I could give her a bath before we left. She could have her supper with them and just stay up until we got home. Plus, she would be in a familiar place with familiar people and familiar things. So, it was a pretty easy choice.

Chick said she only started to cry once. Fortunately, she was able to appease her with Blue's Clue's videos and chicken nuggets so she ended up not crying at all. I had told her that Baba and I were going out (to the store -- it's about the only 'out' thing she understands really) but we would be back soon. After I got dressed to go, she got a little weepy and clingy but other than then, she didn't really seem to get too distressed.

So I'm calling it a success. I checked on them once or twice during the party by text (lest a phone call upset her) and they did well.

But after all, you would think an almost 17-year-old (in a matter of a couple weeks) and a 13-year-old would be able to handle their 4-year-old sister. And, hey, what's the point of living with a teenager and a toddler at the same time if you can't take advantage of the 'once in a blue moon' babysitting opportunity.

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