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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's Going On...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up lately. Between dental work on Monday, feeling utterly miserable on Tuesday, and what now seems to be constant back pain, I haven't quite been up to par. On top of that, Hubby and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that we may be in need of a new mattress. I haven't slept well in about a week or so and he has had issues as well. Which, of course, may also be the cause of my back pain.

I dearly, dearly hate shopping for things like mattresses. So you can imagine the joy I'm feeling about that.

Rugrat has been somewhat whiny as well so I've been having to exercise a lot of patience. Which is harder when you aren't feeling well.

Some of the things that seem to set her off make me wonder if she is missing someone who she used to know that did that thing. For instance, she'll sometimes ask me to sing "la la la" (her Elmo doll sings a la la la song) and, then when I do, she'll start to whimper and cry a little. It's only when I sing it a certain way -- I just haven't quite figured out what way it is.

One night we went to pick her up from Bible class and her teacher said she had just started crying in the middle of class for seemingly no reason. The only thing they could figure out was that they had mentioned mommies during the story but she usually doesn't get upset about things like that when she is in familiar territory. And there have been other instances too.

So I find myself wondering if she is going through a mourning phase right now. Or if she is succumbing to the same allergies and seasonal griefs that plague me (and others). Or if she is just being a moody 4-year-old who is decompressing after the Christmas season.

Thankfully, those instances seem to be declining so perhaps she'll be a little more constant soon. And I have found that Nyquil does wonders for me so maybe I'll be the same too. Fortunately, Chick and Dude have been very even keel and even seem to be getting along better than normal. Maybe that can continue too.

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