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Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 State Fair

 On Tuesday, we went to the State Fair (in town through this weekend). This was Rugrat's second go-around with the fair and she was very excited.

Because she definitely remembers last year.

Since she recently discovered the slide on her playset, Chick had informed her that they have a really big slide there. She was stoked to go on that -- as long as Mama was with her. Hubby did the best he could with the camera.

Seriously, after going on the 'kid's' slide, I'm not sure I could handle the 'adult' one. As I was getting on with her, she started to slip forward so I ended up kind of throwing myself into motion. I wasn't really situated when that first hump came up. And it took my breath away.

It seemed like we were going so fast that I was certain we weren't going to stop at all. I envisioned crashing right through the line into the next ride.

But we stopped in plenty of time. And Rugrat was hooting laughter. She apparently had no anxieties with the thing.

The one ride that will, I think, always be her favorite:

It was the first one we took her on last year and will probably always hold her heart. We had to ride it at least four times throughout the day.

And she loved every minute.

She rode the train with Baba. It was fun at first but I think she got a little bored by the end. Hubby too.

It was designed for younger children, I think.

 We checked out the hypnotist show and had some dinner. Rugrat was as excited about eating dinner OUTSIDE as she was about being at the fair.

We also had two very sweet older women who had been volunteering at the fair since 5 am that morning ask to share our table. Of course, she got friendly with them and talked their ears off. Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind too much.

After dinner, she met the KING. She thought he was awesome because of his sparkly suit. Even he found her interest in his suit hilarious. It was all we could do to tear her away long enough to look at the camera.

Of course, she is all about touching the sparkles. We have been working on this. But it was a no-win situation in this one. At least she's still young enough, that he probably didn't think too much about her walking up and putting her hands on his leg. I hope.

I had already steered her away from a woman wearing a wrap over her long skirt that had gypsy-type coin fringe. I really didn't want to explain why my child had grabbed her rear.

Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough later in the exhibit hall to stop her from reaching for a woman's bedazzled back jean pocket as we passed by.

I just apologized and moved VERY fast.

Definitely time to hit the rides again.

As we were leaving, Hubby decided to make use of the free deep fried jalapeno coupon we had. It was apparently quite a hot pepper.

He compared it to the ones I bought not too long ago. Of course, Dude thinks he's so funny.

Dude and Chick mainly seemed to want to walk around and look at things. And check out the food.

Next year, I think I'll force Chick to ride rides with me. I think Hubby has decided he's too old or something.

We had a great time and got home shortly after 10 pm. Rugrat cried because we had come home (even after I told her the fair was closed now -- closing time was 9:30). It took multiple assurances that we would go again next year and reminders that we went this year and last before she would settle down.

I also had to point to the light up toy we bought on our way out. (We would usually let them play Duck Pond at some point to win something but they changed it up so you aren't really pulling out a duck with a letter/number anymore. You just pay for the size toy you want to get and they can play in the water a minute. Ugh. What's the fun in that.)

I'm already looking forward to next year too.

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