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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween Night

Our Halloween started with me working my first afternoon (and my second day) at my new part-time job. Because Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, the church's annual Trunk 'R Treat started a little early so it could be done in time to have Bible class.

Which meant that I worked until 4:00 then rushed home so we could be there to set up between 5:00 and 5:15. It was a little stressful especially when you throw in feeding people.

Last year, we were told that approximately 200 kids came through in the hour and a half long event. So Hubby and I prepared 200 bags thinking that it would be plenty since this year was only an hour.

They were all given out in the first half hour.

On Monday, Hubby had gone to the airport for a trip to California which was to last a week, meaning he would have missed Halloween with us. About 5 minutes before takeoff, they came to him in his seat and informed him his meeting had been cancelled (due to the hurricane's cancelling flights for others who were supposed to attend). They asked if he still wished to travel and he gave them a definite "no" so his bag was retrieved and he called me to come get him.

That actually made me pretty happy since I was a little depressed by his not being able to join us. However, I failed to communicate what I had intended to bring with us on Halloween. Since he packed up while I got Rugrat and myself ready, that meant that the only thing we brought to decorate the van was the new banner I had gotten (not the previous decorations too) and the extra bag of candy didn't make it either.

Ah well. We still had fun. And at least WE were decorated.

Hubby's costume had no face and light-up eyes that would fade in and out. He got lots of comments and Rugrat thought it was one of the funniest things she had seen. She commented repeatedly on "Baba's eyes glow."

One of the other things we forgot was the camera so I have no pictures of myself or Dude. He was a soldier (from one of his many video games, I think) and I had attempted to become the old hag who gives Snow White the poison apple. It didn't work out too well.

And someone got an extra treat when my fake wart fell off, I guess, because I never found it. Eeeewww.
When we were done there, Hubby and I decided to give Rugrat a new adventure. She had her first foray into actual Trick or Treating while Chick and Dude stayed home to hand out candy to the four children who came by.

We went to a local neighborhood that was fairly busy with children doing the same and she learned the ropes. It didn't take her long to get into it.

She was "Trick or Treat?"-ing and "Thank you"-ing with the best of them. And every time I asked if she was done, she would simply say, "No. Go to more houses."

By the time we left, she had handed over her candy bag telling me it was too heavy. And then she asked if we could come back next week.

Well, we could, but I don't think they'd be handing out candy.

Or maybe they would for such a sweet little princess.

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