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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comfrey Infused Oil

 About 6 weeks ago, I packed a jar with olive oil and comfrey cuttings and set it aside to 'brew.'

About 3 weeks ago, I strained it...

added fresh comfrey cuttings and a little more oil to top it off. Then I set it aside to 'brew' a little more.

Today, I hope to make my very first comfrey salve. The infusing is what takes so long especially since you have to freshen up the comfrey cuttings mid-way. Comfrey has a lot of protein and therefore rots easily so you don't want to give it that chance in your oil.

Comfrey is excellent for cuts and bruises as well as joints, I'm told. If I have a salve to use, I know that I will be more likely to use it. I have a few pillboxes to use (for easy carrying about) and plan to put the rest in a small glass jar.

While this isn't the primary reason I bought my comfrey plants, it is one that I am looking forward to trying. Once I started researching, I found multiple people who use it for personal care as well as in their gardens. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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