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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Doll Clothes

Well now. Rugrat's Big Doll (no, she still hasn't given her a better name) should write a thank you note to the makers of Mountain Dew. A drink with my dinner kept me up most of the night Sunday evening. And I spent it making her clothes.

In addition to her new undies, I made her a new set of pajama shorts (which match a certain someone else's) and a new pair of jeans (made from an old pair of a certain someone's).

Rugrat had an old pair of jeans that she had completely destroyed the knees in. I kept them because, even though the tears were in exactly the wrong spots to make some cut off shorts for her, I liked this little embroidered flower on them.

I've been trying to think of something special I could do with them that would feature the flower. A bag for Rugrat came to mind but it didn't work out too well when I tried it. So they've been sitting there waiting to either be finished or thrown out. Fortunately, there is a pants pattern and video here. This site seems to have quite a few things for dolls.

Glad I saved these now because they made a very cute pair of doll jeans. I didn't notice until too late that they would be two toned in the legs there. That's okay though. I have it on good authority that Big Doll doesn't care. She's glad to have the jeans.

I also still had the leg hems on the bag I had played with so I didn't even have to hem them. Works for me.

Some time ago, I made a pair of pajama shorts for Rugrat using this fabric:

I intended to make Big Doll some kind of matching nightwear but wasn't sure what and I didn't yet have a shorts pattern for her. Lucky me, there was one on that site here as well.

It would have been the same as the pants, just shortened in the legs, anyway but it is nice to have a pattern specifically for shorts.

About the only clothing Big Doll is missing now is socks. Pretty much everything else can be made for her with the basic patterns I've found online. How nice that they are all free! That's my favorite price.

And considering that I've used fabrics that have been either recycled or scraps from other projects, it hasn't really cost me much of anything either. Small pieces of elastic and/or velcro here or there are all I've used. And I already had those.

I highly recommend making things like these with your scraps. You feel good using them up and, even if you have to find a little girl to bless with the things (or donate them), some little one benefits too.

Not to mention that they are fun to make and quick. A high estimate of my time for these would be about half an hour each (and that's probably generous). So get sewing.

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