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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Traveling the Globe

 One of our favorite personal purchases for school this year was the Geo Puzzle. Along with a Safari Toob of World landmarks, it has been a big help.

We aren't doing all of the European countries but several of them are included in our curriculum.

I'm very tempted to order the next continent puzzle from them. This one is pretty well done. Except for a couple of smaller ones, most of the countries have their own pieces so it's pretty neat to put together.

Rugrat seems to do better on most things if she has something to handle along with talking about the information. The Toob's are good for that.

She will randomly tell us that the Eiffel Tower is in France now and is able to identify Spain, France, England, and Ireland.

I haven't really tested her on Germany and the Netherlands much yet but I have no doubt she will absorb that as well.

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