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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Rugrat!

 Rugrat turned 6 as of Sunday, December 1st. We decided to celebrate on Saturday simply because Sunday is so busy with everything that goes on.

She initially said she wanted a Mickey Mouse cake again but decided at the last minute that Doc McStuffins would be better. Unfortunately, I didn't really have anything to make one with.

I was debating between going with a little trick I learned -- covering a picture with wax paper and 'coloring' it with frosting which you then freeze and flip onto a flat cake. Or making a big book of boo boos using some licorice for the spiral part.

But Hubby wanted to go and look around for something first. One of the local grocery stores made and sold us an edible image (by the way, not terribly tasty) which I just stuck on top of a cake. It didn't fit very well so even though the cake was even, it doesn't look it in the picture.

 And, trust me, she didn't care. She loved it! She has been announcing what person/stuffed animal she is going to eat every time she has some.

Her favorite part of any birthday anything is when we sing to her. She thinks it is awesome and hilarious and wonderful all at the same time.

Her reaction always cracks us all up too.

 One gift she got in the mail early -- a card from Grandma -- complete with "a money." The next day she found this little castle set which she fell in love with and has been playing with almost constantly since.

She loves 'towers' and castles. She is less into the whole princess thing than the castles, which I think is kind of funny. Any time we pass a skyscraper or tall building, she has to point out the "tall tower" and most of the blocks she stacks become tall towers as well.

Maybe she'll be an architect some day. Hmmm.

Of course, she got to open some presents after cake too.

She was very excited about her big gift and immediately climbed on.

She's been out a few times to ride her big girl bicycle on the road (with one of us of course). She really thinks she is THE STUFF because she got a big girl bike. Neither of us was real certain if she would be that into one yet so I'm glad she's loving it so much.

Sunday afternoon, she chose where to have lunch -- Jack in the Box. I will seriously be glad when she gets past the hamburger and fries stage. I guess I should be glad it wasn't McDonald's again. Oh well.

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