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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Sewing

Last weekend, I was in a sewing mood. My mom sent home some fabric that would have been perfect to make some little girl a cute peplum skirt. Unfortunately, the only pattern I had to use was a size 7.

While she might pull off a size 7 length, Rugrat's waist is more a size 5T still. Oh!! To have that problem -- tall and skinny!! I would gladly deal with any issues I had in getting clothing. But, oh well.

Honestly, I would gladly take either one of those - skinny or tall. I guess Hubby likes me fine as a chunky and short though which is good since I will apparently be neither of those others.

So. There I sat digging through my fabric stash and my patterns because there was nothing that appealed to me to sew. Then I came across some old Barbie panel fabric.

I literally bought this from a clearance, I think, when Chick was around the same age as Rugrat is now. You know, Chick who is a 19 year old college student now. Uh huh.

I looked it over and thought to myself that I needed to make sure I used it before Rugrat got too old or it would have to be for my grandchildren. I turned it this way and that, looking it over. Then it came to me.

And I got busy...

Voila' -- all set for a trip to Grandma's house with her own Barbie duffle bag. I had some left so I made her a little purse too. Which she immediately oohed and aahed over, then filled with stuff.

I still have four panels left. They might become the front of a tote bag or something. I'm not sure but I'm determined to use them. I'm sure there are some other pieces I could make to go with her new 'travel' set. :)

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