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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gallery Day

I mentioned already that Rugrat has completed some of her subjects through the virtual school. One of those was Art.

We finished it up during what was scheduled (in the online school) as Spring Break. She seems to do better if we keep going over holidays because of the consistency of schedule. The difference is usually just that we are a little more relaxed with it.

And by getting ahead, if we need a day off, we can just take one. Or if someone is sick. Or when Dude's testing days come up later this month and we have to spend most or all of the day in Norman while he's doing that. It won't stress anyone out or put pressure on us.

Back to Art though. Her last lesson involved looking over her artworks and choosing favorites. They even gave her some little 'blue ribbons' to color and cut out so she could award a few to her favorites.

I don't think I had realized just how much 'art' she had done until I laid it all out in our living room.

We had it spread over every surface and on the floor. And there were a few things like her bag puppet or the ones we had hanging in her room or near her school stuff that we didn't pull out.

It took her a while to look at them all. Me too.

Trying to give out her awards was a little difficult. She ended up choosing them more by what was clustered in each section.

I was honestly surprised. I remembered her doing them all. I just didn't remember that it was so much.

Art hasn't truly ended for Rugrat, just the lessons. We made a trip to the store and she chose several art projects to work on. Her favorite so far has been the rainbow suncatcher she painted although this week she embellished a town scene with stickers and such which she liked quite a bit too.

I'm thinking the foam bracelets with bling on them will be her favorite of all though once we dig into that package.

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