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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

 The annual Easter egg hunt was last night at church. As soon as Rugrat heard it was happening, she was super excited (even though she doesn't look it in this picture).

But here she is ready for the action to start.

And it begins.

It was all I could do at first to keep up with her. This was the first year she got into it.

Even though she kept stepping over masses of eggs seemingly in search of that perfect one. I finally convinced her to just pick up the ones she was stepping around.

Her basket was a little fuller than in the past couple of years.

Here Daddy was helping her empty her eggs. They reuse the plastic eggs every year and everyone donates candy for the weeks prior so there is always plenty for all the kids.

Her favorite part every year is not the eggs though. It's this guy.

It wasn't candy or egg hunts that she mentioned when she found out that the hunt was tonight. It was the bunny. The first year, she was just in awe of him a little. Then, the second year and last year, it was true love. She actually cried when he left the second year. Last year, she was a little less dramatic but still spent a lot of time with him. This time, she made sure he got lots of hugs without any drama.

This is something she looks forward to so much every year. I'm really glad they go to the trouble of putting it on. I don't think she'll ever forget it.

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