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Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That Little "Plink"

I had several apples in the bottom of the fridge that had been there a while. I mentioned to Rugrat that I might make some applesauce. She was pretty happy about that idea.

So last night, I did just that while watching tv. I ended up with almost 3 little jars. The one that wasn't full enough to water process, I just put in the fridge to be used first.

Canning has always sounded like a hot, unpleasant, all day long lot of work. And it can be.

But the truth is you can make small batches of something in a short amount of time. I peeled and cut my apples while watching a sitcom. Combining tasks like that with something that is unproductive but enjoyable/distracting can make things go quickly.

Obviously, water processing is much easier than pressure canning but, more often than not, if you're just using up things in the fridge (like I was), you will be water processing since it's usually fruits that get old more quickly.

I know that I could probably have just frozen the extra too. But my freezer stays pretty full. And, in case of a power outage, these will still be safely sitting in the pantry.

Besides, hearing that little "plink" noise they make as they seal was a pretty satisfying way to end my day. It still makes me grin every time I hear it.

Even if there aren't as many little "plink"-s to hear.

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