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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Easy Bake Oven (Edited Version)

We recently bought an Easy Bake Oven for Rugrat at a garage sale. She was very excited about it.

Until we realized it didn't have any pans.

No problem, I thought. I am adept at going to the company's website to order missing parts for toys I get at thrift stores and garage sales. And often the company has sent it to me free after a nicely worded letter if I can't find the site.

Uh, problem. For whatever strange reason, you can order pretty much everything EXCEPT the pans on their site. How weird is that?

That's okay. We have a Kitchen Collection in our outlet mall. I'll just pick up something there to work instead. They have everything there -- including super small pans and utensils. And it's all fairly inexpensive -- one of the reasons I like that store so much.

And so they did! We found some very cute little heart shaped and pie plate pans for 2.99 a two pack.

Well. They would have fit if they had been about a 1/4 inch shorter. I'm thinking Easy Bake has figured out quite the racket here.

Unfortunately, she had already gotten pretty pumped about making a cake so we just moved it to the toaster oven.

 Turns out, she liked that better because she could watch it cook. Bye, bye garage sale Easy Bake. Go frustrate someone else.

She was convinced that this was play food (therefore you couldn't eat it) that we were making. Isn't that what you make in a toy - play food?

So she was truly pumped to find out that she was making her dessert.

Frosting and all! I even had some heart shaped sprinkles she could put on top.

And it was apparently pretty yummy too.

I've seen kid cookware for sale on Amazon. I thinking that might make a good birthday or Christmas present for someone. Hmmm.

By the way, you don't have to buy those little packets for your Easy Bake oven or other kind. This website has tons of recipes that you could make and place in little bowls with lids or snack size zipper bags.

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