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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quickie Last Four Months in Review

So -- I was not abducted or held captive. I haven't been ill or in a coma. I've just been busy. Which is not fun. At all.

But here's what's been happening.

Hubby's Birthday:

Christmas Pics:

Of the WHOLE family:

A Rugrat birthday:

Snowglobe picture for a Girl Scout craft:

Christmas came and went:

Along with a harried drive home from Arkansas hoping and praying to get home before the big storm hit. And we just did although we had to drive in pouring rain the whole way  -- at least it wasn't ice. No power for a day and three quarters then life returned to normal again.

Which included a Chick birthday.  Yikes she's 21 now!!!:

Finished a couple of her school subjects off early. This is her "Art Show" done at the end of the subject's lessons:

 Of course, school has been the main thing. I thought it might take less as she got farther along -- and it will -- but it will be MUCH farther along. For the time being, I'm trying very hard not to push things too fast and be content that we get to bond each day over little things like art projects and history facts and literature stories that are sometimes too dull for both of us and other times capture our attention.

So there it is. A little catch up.

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