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Sunday, April 22, 2018

DIY - Part 2

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As I mentioned, my successes began to spur me on to bolder attempts at making my own products. My next experiment was weighted though because it was something that people see not just something we were trying at home.

I have used loose face powder as a part of my makeup routine for literally decades now. Once I discovered the loose powder, I pretty much never bought another compact of pressed powder. But I was running out. And you don't get that much in the stuff you buy at the store. Not to mention the fact that it was something I used almost daily. Even if I didn't put on liquid foundation, I would brush on some face powder to run to the store or wherever. Did I mention I had oily skin? Again, on a per ounce basis, this stuff was pretty expensive. And knowing how much junk they put in everything else, I really didn't want to keep buying it. Did you realize that everything - EVERYTHING - you put on your skin is ingested just as if you were eating it? You take it into your body and bloodstream just like you do the food you eat. Knowing what they put in lotions and makeup and soaps -- well, gross!

Fortunately, I came across this recipe. So, I thought, why not? I already had everything (though there were only a few ingredients) in my pantry and it didn't take a lot of anything. I have been using it ever since. Not only does it feel wonderfully light on my skin (like it can actually still breathe underneath) but my skin smells good too. And it doesn't clog my pores and make me break out. Another win win! It is super easy to mix up too - 2 tablespoons of arrowroot (cornstarch), 1 1/2 teaspoons (for me - super fair skinned but you might need more or to use cinnamon or nutmeg for darker colored powder) cacao (cocoa powder) powder, and 5 drops of essential oils (I use lavender) or a carrier oil. I used the powder container I still had from the store bought powder until I managed to break it. Then I got these sifter jars and I love them. I have one for my face powder and one for my blush.

Recently, Chick wanted some more face powder but she likes the pressed powder in a compact. So I mixed some up for her - slightly darker for her skin - and followed the directions to make it into a pressed powder. We just put it back into the (cleaned) compact left over from her other powder although you can also buy empty ones of those on Amazon if you want. She seems to like it quite a bit so I'm going to say that is also a success.

Any guess what I tried next then? Well, it's actually a toss - up because my memory isn't quite perfect. But yes, blush was one of the choices. I don't use blush much but I do like to when I think of it so when my little compact of that was done, I mixed some up. I honestly don't remember if it was this recipe or this recipe that I used. As I said though, I don't use it much. And really, you only need to google blush makeup recipe or some similar thing for tons of choices.

The other thing I made around the same time was lip balm. Now, a long time ago (really) in a land far away (South Carolina), Chick had a birthday party where I let them make their own lip balm. It was one of those fun things that elementary kids do for kicks with a parent but not something you maintain. It required Gulf Wax. Do you remember that stuff? No idea what it was really intended for but none of my lip balm now requires it. Nor will it likely.

Instead mine used beeswax and essential oils (like peppermint, yum). For Chick's birthday party, we bought little round pill boxes from the travel section at Wal-mart (which they all thought was uber cool) but I ordered and waited on actual lip balm tubes like these before I made mine. I also discovered that the no-longer-needed test tube holder from Chick's school chemistry class worked perfectly for holding them while I poured in the stuff and then let it cool. hey hey. I used this recipe and instructions but have recently discovered this Burt's Bees clone that I think I will try next.

Now, I was really getting brave so I pulled out the big guns. Deodorant. What!?! Yep. I made my own deodorant. I used this recipe which only required me to buy bentonite clay. While I liked it and it worked, it was summer and just a little soft in the house. That caused its own problems because it tended to leak a little oil when my older kids used it. So I'm still playing with it some, adding more beeswax and even trying some other recipes. I hope to find one that everyone likes. Not just me. Until then, I can use my recipe and tweak it when I make more.

My most recent experiment went back to makeup. I have been making my face powder for years but I had been too scared to try liquid foundation. Well, I got up my gumption and gave it go a couple of months ago. I'm on my second batch and I have to say it turned out better than the first. Plus, I added non-nano zinc oxide to it this time so that it also has sunscreen in it now. This is the recipe I used and I have to say that I really like it. Especially now that I have a silicon squeeze tube - again from the travel section at Walmart - to put it in. Making a lotion base is not something I am ready to try so I used to the natural Shea Moisture lotion as a base. But who knows, I may be making that next.

Other things I've tried are multiple shampoos (none of which I have liked - in fact, I gave up on that for now but may come back to it), conditioner of a sort (rubbing coconut oil into your hair before bed -if you shower in the morning - is an awesome conditioner that lasts about 3 washes... if you can remember to do it in the first place, oops), blemish remover (it works!), armpit detox, and other fun things.

Things I'm waiting to try include mascara,  eye shadow, dog ear wash, and possibly tooth paste at some point. I usually wait until we run out and/or have ingredients on hand.

My new mantra is "It's worth a try" instead of an automatic "I couldn't do that." How about you? What have you tried making lately?

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