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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twitching. Lots of twitching.

I'm starting to get all twitchy thinking about doing the home school paperwork.

We registered for her courses a week ago (right after returning from Arkansas) at the online school. Then, Saturday, a big box arrived. It was the curriculum materials from the school.

Freaking a little here. How do people just START doing this from the beginning? I think my blood pressure is jumping up and down at will now. I keep having visions of people telling me how awful I am and of government officials showing up and accusing me of vile things like hurting the Chick's future. I keep checking and double checking and triple checking to see if I have all her core subjects covered. Ughh! I hate feeling so unsure of everything. And now I'm thinking about this binder/book that I have to keep put together. I suppose I could just buy the one the school makes for you but I'd rather do it myself.

Several of the home school moms I've read online seem kind of... pushy at times (for lack of a better word). Most of the ones I know personally don't seem that way. But they do have a kind of core strength. I am beginning to think that strength (that comes off as pushy on the people I don't know as a whole) must come from learning to defend the choice they've made.

When we were in the military, well, let's just say my military hospital experience was NOT good. And after the chick was born, I got an attitude. I know, you can't imagine, me with an attitude. :) But I realize I came off as pushy to a lot of the health care providers (and I use the word 'provider' loosely) which was okay because I really didn't care what they thought. I knew my right as her mother and if they didn't like it, well, I would obligingly draw a map to where they could put it.

So I suppose I'll have to draw on some of that defender/protector attitude to feel confident about home school. I've done the research. I've checked it all out. I have my support group. I have my accountability group. I know my rights as a mother. She wants this. Suck it up and do it. Right? Right.

Only problem is her online school lessons don't start until September 1st. Eek! Actually this is probably the problem, now that I think about it. If I could just jump in and go, I don't think I would be as freaked out. Instead I have had at least 3 whole months to stew about it. So on about September 3rd or 4th, I'll probably be feeling better.

Not that I would disdain any tips from you home schoolers out there. Especially about that binder thingy.

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