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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Dress for the Season

Recently, I went digging through my fabric stash and came across this gingerbread/candy cane fabric. Lucky Rugrat. She got a dress out of it.

She always seems very excited about my sewing. And, once I told her this was a dress for her, she really got interested. She kept running her hand over the fabric and telling me it was "my dress."This picture is from the try-on session. I needed to check the length and make sure it fit since I used a 4T pattern. She is still a 3T for the most part but I usually just go ahead and get 4's for shirts and dresses now since they don't require a good fit on her little waist.

I loved these kind of dresses when Chick was growing up because they could be used all year long (if not made with a seasonal fabric). In summer, she can wear it alone or with a short sleeved shirt underneath and, in winter, with long sleeves underneath. It also tends to keep her warmer with it's layering in winter and because the bodice is lined.

She, of course, had to wear it the next Sunday.

It is her first official Christmas dress. While I'm sure she won't get a whole lot of wear out of it, her excitement over it was enough to make it worth while. And with her skinny little behind, I wouldn't count on it only being a one year dress anyway.

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