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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Growing Up

The Chick begins violin lessons today. This morning is her first class with her new instructor (a lady who very strongly reminds me of my friend Cathy from South Carolina). It is also her first time driving there by herself.

The instructor doesn't live near us -- she is about 30 minutes away in a part of town that we aren't terribly familiar with yet. I offered to take her the first few weeks but she didn't want me to. She wanted to do it herself. There is a striking parallel between toddlers and teens.

So I gave her Tomtom to take with her but she doesn't like him much. She accidentally programmed in the wrong address the first time she used it and ended up in Shawnee, OK. It wasn't Tomtom's fault but she blames him. Poor fella.

So, as a mother, I am nervous about her first lesson. And hoping I gave her all the paperwork I was supposed to.

And, as a mother, I am nervous about her driving to and finding the instructor's house this morning while still making it to her appointed time.

But, see how good a mother I am. I'm letting her do it anyway. At her age, I think mothering must be mostly about letting her branch out on her own and supporting her as she does.

And not letting her know about the nervous ulcer I eventually develop.

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Lisa said...

Nervous ulcer? check! I so totally relate to this post! ha!