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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrating Independence Stage

I am very happy with myself for installing this last week:

I have intended to install one for some time but the first thing I bought didn't work (as in it was poorly made) and it was a different type of security lock. The Chick has tested this one several times trying to return home from her job. It works.

I got on the ball though because I suddenly began hearing "my do it" when the dog asked to go out. Then I realized and watched as Rugrat both unlocked and opened the back door to let him out. Multiple times. So I knew that something a little taller than she is was in order -- at least on the front door (the back lets out into a fenced yard but we'll probably add one there too).

"My do it" is something I've been hearing more and more (we're working on the "I" pronoun). Rugrat has begun to display that desire for independence that causes (in my opinion) most of the adult frustration with toddlers. But it's also a good thing that every toddler must go through -- which adds a layer of guilt on top of that frustration. You know its a good thing for them to want to be independent so you feel guilty when they try and you get frustrated. Ahh, parenting.

I remember once telling someone when we were discussing needing Bible school teachers that the two groups no one ever wanted to teach were toddlers and teens. The woman's teen daughter took offense to that because she felt that their group of teens wasn't troublesome. Not knowing the individuals, though, most people assume that toddlers and teens are both pains.

It is that same fight for independence that is prevalent in both groups. How interesting for me that I have both groups in my household at the same time. Fortunately, all of mine tend to be fairly even keel.

In Rugrat's case, however, I love hearing her "my do it" (will love hearing "I" even more :) ) because it is another indicator of just how far she has come from that fearful little girl. If we had been willing, she would have let us do everything for her -- from carrying her everywhere to feeding her -- when we first came home. I understand her being fearful. It was totally new and very strange to her.

But she has gotten now to the point that she is mostly potty trained, letting doctors get near her and examine her, doing new things almost daily, touching and getting into everything, speaking to and interacting with most people and doing much of it all on her own without my help or, often, even encouragement.

We still get glimpses of that fearful little girl occasionally. Usually now it is hidden behind a giggling "no" when we try to get her to do something. And then she'll go ahead and do it if we push her to once or twice more.

I'm ready for Rugrat's push for independence. I'm not so sure I'm ready for Chick's though. In a few short months, she'll be a senior. As in graduating high school. As in starting college is the next thing. Yikes!

And she keeps stepping out on her own a little more. And a little more. And, somehow, I'm managing to refrain from running after her, grabbing her by the arms, and yanking her back into our safe zone.

I'm pretty happy with myself for that one too.

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