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Friday, March 23, 2012

Off I Go

This morning I will be stepping on a plane to head for Savannah, GA where my previous congregation in Summerville, SC is holding it's annual Ladies Retreat. Normally they are in Myrtle Beach, SC but every once in a while they change things up just to break the routine. So it is in Savannah this year.

We had several miles from our trip to China and Hubby actually suggested I find out when the retreat was and use some of them to go because he knows how much I enjoy them. He's pretty cool that way.

I almost didn't though. Rugrat is still super attached to me. Clingy might actually be a better word. I am getting to experience with her, for the first time, a behavior my other two children never indulged in.

Chick was so excited to go to class and such that she would walk right in from pretty much day one. Leaving me standing among the other mothers who, often with the help of other adults, would be prying off screaming, desperately clinging toddlers.

On the other hand, Dude was slightly more clingy at about a year old and then he had the routine down and was happy to go knowing I would be back after he got to play for a while.

Rugrat seemed fine too. But, for the last week, she has broken down into tears and clutched at me when I took her to class. And she still wants me to do everything with her (whether it's bathing her or eating or riding in the car). She doesn't mind being left at home with Baba or Chick but only if I make it clear that I'll be back "later."

So, I'm not so sure how well she's going to do when she goes to bed tonight and wakes up to find me still gone tomorrow. I'm assuming that she'll be told that I'll be back "later" a lot. And I'm assuming that I will have an extra appendage for at least the first several days once I get back.

Keep us in your prayers -- not necessarily me. I'm sure I'll be having a blast. Keep Hubby in your prayers. He (and Chick) will probably bear the brunt of it. He may not want me to go next year. I should probably enjoy myself while I can.

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