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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Backyard Additions

 On Friday last week, Rugrat and I were out and about when I got a text. Since I was right next door to Wal-Mart (who sent me the text), we ran over there and got this big ole box loaded into the back of the van.

We got home, opened it and dug around a lot until we found the instructions. With a little help from Dude and Chick before they headed out on their own errands, I got the frame of it up. After that, with only Rugrat to hand me things occasionally until she went in to her nap, I worked by myself quite steadily until this was all put up.

The more she saw, the more excited she got as each piece came together. Hubby did make it home just as I was putting together the slide pieces (the very last thing) and helped a little with that.

I had initially planned to get a wooden set. They just seem so much more stable to me and better made. But then I saw this one. It was about the same price but had so many unique things and can hold up to eight children (which will be nice when we have other families over) that I decided to get it instead.

I think this horse swing is probably her favorite right now

although the flying disc is probably a close second.

On the same day, before getting the text, we had stopped to get a small bag of 'Quikcrete' so that I could cement the legs into the ground and that should solve my issue with stability. As for better made, I guess we'll see. 

If nothing else, I hope it lasts long enough for us to find out if our subdivision will build a playground or something else in the common area as our HOA gets going. At least then we will know if it would need replacing or our subdivision would do it for us.

And while we're waiting, Rugrat can enjoy all the activities on this one.

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