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Friday, July 13, 2012

College Classes

Chick is feeling pretty happy today. She left late this morning along with Hubby to head to UCO for an advisor appointment. She will taking a couple of college courses along with her regular high school courses this next year.

Seeing the advisor is the last block to hurdle before she can register for the classes. That means that she will have college credits under her belt when she starts college (and they count for her high school graduation credits too). Like that!

It also means she will have a less intimidating experience or two with college before she is living on the campus and trying to figure out where everything is while learning to be organized with her courses. Like that!

What's more, no tuition for concurrent students. Liking that a lot! A whole lot! We only have to pay for books and any fees associated with the course (like lab fees, etc.)

I don't feel like this is an opportunity that would have presented itself in South Carolina so Oklahoma definitely gets bonus points. I'm also not sure we would have considered UCO if we were still in South Carolina. Not only were we unaware of it, but we had a few specific schools in mind already.

UCO is, however, one of the better (nationally) schools for forensic science -- which is the field she wants to be in. It even has a federal forensics office located right across from the forensic science building and they often come over to instruct and such.

More bonus points for Oklahoma. So I'm feeling more and more like God brought us here -- brought her here for a reason. And any residual bitterness she was feeling about leaving South Carolina is beginning to fade. I'm feeling pretty thankful for that too.

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