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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eye Appointments

Rugrat had an eye appointment yesterday morning and I had one in the afternoon. I'm beginning to think her cooperation that first time was a fluke. She knows what the pressure machine they use looks like. As soon as one of them grabs it, she starts flipping herself to hide in my shoulder or screaming and squirming.

Yesterday, we had to get a pressure reading. She absolutely has to have one twice a year because of her eye condition. So, with Hubby, I, and a nurse holding her still and holding her eyes open while she screamed bloody murder, twisted, kicked, and fought with all her might, the doctor took a reading on each eye.

It wasn't accurate. All her carrying on invariably gives a higher reading than it is. But it wasn't too high even with that, so he was satisfied that all was well.

Next time, she will have to have her eyes dilated so that he can see if she needs new glasses. I see another exam under anesthesia in our future.

My appointment, however, went well. My eyes are completely healthy even with their slight change in prescription which the doctor was kind enough not to say was due to age. But I know it.We all know it.


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