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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bargain Hunting

 This past weekend, I decided to hit a garage sale whose listing I had been keeping my eye on. They had listed something I have been wanting for a while.

Since I would be out anyway, and another item listed in a different one had caught my eye, I decided to write a few down and hit several until I got tired of them.

I really did not expect to find either of the items. I just thought it would be fun. I asked Chick if she wanted to go and she was all for it. Hubby would be working with a program at the church building so he wouldn't be able to go. I had assumed Rugrat would be with me anyway.

Surprisingly, the idea of running around in 100+ degree weather checking out other people's junk did not appeal to Dude. So he hung out in our air conditioning with the dog.

I got to the first sale -- the main one I had been wanting to look at -- and was shocked to find the item still there. They had been open for 2 hours already not to mention on Friday as well.

To top that off, it was $10 cheaper than the cheapest one I had found. So it came home with us:

Yep. It's a juicer. I have done my research. You pretty much have to baby this brand for the most part. However the one I want to get -- the Arnold Schwarzenegger of juicers -- starts at $249. So $30 for this one that will allow us to see if we will use it enough to warrant so much more was amazing.

I was pumped. Hubby was apparently somewhat curious as well. A later trip to the store for fruit had him picking out several things he wanted to try too. The first one we made was peach mango (the two fruits I had on hand). Hubby particularly liked cherry and I was amazed that carrot juice is pretty darn good. Even Rugrat drank it and she really, truly does not like carrots.

We hit a few more sales, picked up a few things, and looked around a bit. Chick seemed to be having as much fun as I was. After Rugrat caught on, she kept asking over and over again if we were going to another "store."

Chick actually decided she was our secret weapon. Several people took one look at her or spoke to her and wanted to give her something free. It was kind of funny, actually.

We finally got to the second main one I had my eye on and guess what... the item I wanted was still there too.

For the same price as the juicer! Oh yeah!

And when the man there decided he couldn't fit it into the van, he loaded it right up in his truck and brought it home for us. Very cool!

Everyone was pumped about this one. We bought one for a little over three times as much a few years ago from a thrift store and finally wore it out so I've been cruising Craigslist for the last several months.

Chick was walking on it the other day and convinced Rugrat to walk with her. She wasn't sure at first but now, well..., Chick created a monster.

She thinks it is super cool. Aside from those two purchases, we might have spent $5. Rugrat got a Donald Duck (free) that looks like its been through the wringer. She's been giving him lots of love though to make up for the poor treatment of his previous owner. And a shiny shirt she is particularly proud of.

Plus a few more things. Pretty cheap entertainment.

This may become a regular outing for us girls. It was certainly a hit this time!

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