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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Fun

 Dude had a pretty good birthday yesterday, I think. He seemed pretty happy.

Hubby had some credit hours from all his travels lately so he took a half day and came home. He had a meeting that morning or he probably would have taken the whole day.

Since he was home in time (and Dude had a Scout meeting that night), we decided to do a birthday lunch out rather than dinner. Dude is a man after my own heart -- his choice was the Chinese buffet.

Afterwards, we came home and I finished his cake up then he opened presents after Rugrat finished her nap.

Not too long ago, he discovered a new cartoon series that he (and a whole lot of the nation) has become hooked on. It was written by the same writers of some other pretty awesome shows -- ones that we enjoyed -- and is apparently rather smart and funny. They even had a huge convention this year. And a whole lot of his friends have been converted to it as well.

What is it? Well, it's the revamped version of, ahem, My Little Pony. Yeah, I know. I can't bring myself to watch it. But there is a whole movement of teenage boys who are caught up in it. They call themselves 'bro-nies' and it seems that if they can convince a friend to watch the first one, that friend is addicted too.

So, as any good family would do, we took the opportunity to mercilessly tease him about it...

He thought it was hilarious...

And even carried off the cake topper. :)

 He seemed pretty happy at the end of the day, even after his meeting. And I'm beginning to enjoy these quiet little family birthdays.

I know the party thing is coming with Rugrat in the next couple of years and I'm sure we'll have another shindig or two for Dude and Chick. But it's kind of nice, being mostly quiet homebodies, to enjoy the same in our occasional celebration or two.

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