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Friday, August 17, 2012

The First Day of School...

was yesterday. It was a very leisurely day for Chick and Dude. We are still loving Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy. And the flexibility of schooling at home is probably going to be key for Chick's concurrent college courses at UCO.

She officially quit her job the Friday before we left to visit my mom (despite much pleading and begging by the manager) so that school -- both of them -- is her only concern.

I have been preparing Rugrat for the idea of being taken to a school building and being picked up later and she seems to be excited at the idea. She has never seen "school" done any way in her family except through OVCA. I'm not sure that she was of an age to be aware enough to have noticed when kids went to school at the orphanage/home so she may not quite get the concept of a 'brick and mortar' school.

It makes me a little sad though. I had always imagined her going to Faith just like Chick and Dude. The kindergarten program there was awesome! And the elementary principal's daughters were also adopted from China. In fact, I had found out the year before we moved that they were in process to adopt again. The LID was just a few months after ours even. I felt sure she would have had some special friendships with them.

But God had other plans. Plans that I like a lot and am good with so I'm not fussing -- I promise. :)

The way they set up the first couple of days of school is such that newbies have time to explore and figure their way around the program. Everyone has to do an orientation for the school and then, in the high school, each course has its own orientation later. They also have to do an assessment test or two those first days.

What's required isn't really two days worth of work so if you aren't just looking around at your courses or finding your way through the program, you can end up having two short days.

Since Dude was the designated shopper for his group for the troop camping trip this weekend, that worked out well for us. He, Rugrat, and I  made a daytime trip to the grocery to get what he needed and were able to skip the crowds that are out in the evenings.

Chick, on the other hand, knowing she would be good and busy once her high school classes get going as well as her college courses starting next week and with violin lessons to boot, gave herself a leg up by doing some reading ahead in several of her classes. 

That flexibility is definitely my favorite part. Obviously, the curriculum is good too. But being able to work around other things is so nice. And Chick is very cool with the thought of all the college credits she hopes to earn (between AP classes and concurrent classes) to give herself a head start with as a freshman.

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