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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Menu

Hubby has a super cool co-worker who occasionally brings him goodies from his garden.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby carried home peaches for several days in a row. The guy had brought in some of his home grown, not messed with at all peaches.

I soooo love peach cobbler. So we had one of those right away.

Peaches also seem to be Rugrat's favorite fresh fruit (at least this week). But she can't eat them that fast. And the rest of us (defined as Hubby and I because the other two are terrified of anything that might be the least bit healthy) can't eat them that fast either.

Especially when one of us is gone all week on a business trip.

When I seriously became concerned that they weren't going to last much longer, I pulled out my good old Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving again and decided to try canning something other than applesauce.

My main thing was I didn't really want to use syrup. When they go on sale and I have a coupon, I will get the Dole single serve fruit cups. The fruit pieces are packed not in syrup but in fruit juice which makes me feel a little better about eating them and giving them to Rugrat as well. A whole lot less sugar.

I figured if they could do it, I should be able to. And sure enough, I could.

I only had enough peaches for two jars but that's alright. And it worked like a charm.

I think its easier too.

You cook the fruit in just enough water to keep them from sticking. Then heat the juice in a pan. Once you've got your jars and lids warm and ready, you pack the drained hot fruit in the jar then pour the juice over it. All you've got to do then is process it the same as your recipe called for.

I used white grape juice (the same that Dole mostly uses). And Rugrat has been eating them already and loving them.

So, yay me! My second canning experiment a success! Woot woot!

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