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Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Second Western Days Celebration

didn't start out well.

Chick was looking forward to going since she no longer works at Arby's now (because of the increased demand of her college courses) but then she signed up for a youth event not realizing it was on that Saturday. It was an all day event which meant she had to be at the church to get on the bus at 6:00 am. She would return at around 8:30 pm that night. That meant she was going to miss everything on Saturday -- the main day for events.

On the Thursday evening before Western Days weekend (about 2 days after our car purchases), I noticed that our downstairs A/C had quit working. I called early Friday and someone came by that afternoon only to tell me that it was frozen up. He put it on the appropriate settings and told me not to mess with it so it could thaw by the time his guy got there Saturday morning.

That's okay, I told myself, the parade didn't start until late morning. And it would take a while.

Chick had to leave by 5:45 on Saturday morning to get there on time. Hubby woke up before my phone alarm went off so he was going to be sweet and let me sleep. He made sure she was up and getting ready then sent her on her way at 5:30 so she could grab some breakfast on the way. His plan to let me sleep would have worked if not for the LOUD popping noise as the garage door attempted to come down then stopped.

He tried several times just to put it down manually and deal with it later. But that only resulted in a lot of scraping and banging that I eventually got up to find out about. I thought for sure he had opened the attic or something and was moving things around.

I never got back to sleep.

I called them as soon as they opened and requested help. The first thing they had was Monday. I did manage to make them understand that unless someone came out, our garage door would be wide OPEN all weekend. So a very nice man said he would stop by on his way home from work to check it out and at least get it closed. Unfortunately, they closed at noon, so I knew that meant we probably wouldn't be going to Western Days at all. Boo.

Both repairmen made a stop by, examined the offending things, and came to the conclusion that it would be Monday before it could be repaired -- the A/C because Carrier wasn't open on the weekend to get what was needed and the garage door because it was a new and different mechanism that required parts he would have to go get.

Dude had been working the Scout table in town since that 9:00. I had driven him in then taken Rugrat to her Build and Grow workshop at 10:00. It was about 12:30 or so by the time we received the A/C verdict and I knew Dude didn't have any money for food so I told Hubby I would run up and get him something if he wasn't done yet with his shift.

Well, the parade was apparently quite long this year and, as it happened, still going on. Dude wasn't done yet so Rugrat and I  had a seat.

The first time someone came along and threw candy directly into Rugrat's lap, she decided it was worth sitting and watching. I think her favorite part was this last picture of the women in "princess" dresses riding.

After it was all done, we went and walked around at some of the craft booths. I bought some bags of chips from the local high school band (do all high school bands have food booths at everything? ) and made our way back to Dude.

Who was finishing up and putting things away. And who devoured one of the bags of chips (his lunchtime is 11:30 sharp or at least he thinks it should be).

We didn't miss it all thankfully.

And got home in time for some lunch, Rugrat's nap, and the visit from the garage guy. It was a busy Western Days.

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