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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Variation of the Korker Bows

Last year, I discovered a tutorial on how to make these cute little korker bows. You can click here to go to my post about the ones I made.

Now that Rugrat's hair has gotten longer (and thicker), those little barrettes just don't work anymore. So I decided to try making a few more on a ponytail holder.

I will definitely be adding more ribbons to each one but I was just giving it a try to see how it would work out. And I think it was a success.

My favorite is the orange and green -- there's a fall look to it that I really like.

To change it up for the ponytail, I thought about tying each ribbon on it in a knot. But I didn't think that would work out real well. I was afraid it would look 'off' because tying the knot would make one end change direction. Plus, a knot from 6 or 8 pieces would end up being a tad large.

So, instead, I lined them up and tied them together in the middle with a piece of cheap, clear fishing line. Once I was sure it was nice and tight, I tied it to an old ponytail.

I think they turned out quite well. So did Rugrat. She wore one the very next day and was quite proud of it. I'll be making more of these. It's too simple not to for something so cute.

Take a look at my original post here or check out the tutorial here.

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