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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Virtual Tour - the Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

 Stepping from the dining room to it's connecting door, you see my cluttered fridge and the rest of the kitchen.

 We don't actually have a large brown stain on the window blind in the breakfast nook (or you could see it in the above picture too). That is either the shadow of the light fixture or my finger. Not sure which.

Sometimes, I really like this cut-out place above my sink (looking in to the living room) and sometimes I don't. I think it probably generally depends on the state of the sink and counters -- you know, how many dirty dishes and crumbs are still out and about.

I have to say that I did not realize I had missing cooking on a gas stove until I got one again. I do miss the electric broiler in the oven. I just don't like using that thing on the bottom. So I don't.

Don't miss my little plastic general-store-candy container. That is home to whatever is the latest baked good in the kitchen. It might be muffins. It might be cookies. It might be biscuits or rolls. Whatever it is, that is where it lives. As you can imagine, it gets a lot of use. I should probably replace it with a glass and metal one. I just haven't yet.

And finally our little breakfast nook.

I told you there was no big brown stain.

Tomorrow, the living room.

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