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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday Number 5

 Although Rugrat's birthday was on a Saturday, we decided to celebrate on Friday evening. We had something going almost all day long on Saturday.

We gave her her choice of where to have her birthday dinner. Guess what she chose -- McDonald's. Yes, she did. Although we tried to dissuade her and suggest other places, that was what she wanted. And she stuck to her guns.

So off we went for dinner to McDonald's. She clapped her hands in glee as we arrived despite the resignation on everyone else's face. The big M is the only thing available (other than gas station food) on the turnpike that takes us to Grandma's and I think there's one every mile or two down the road here so we aren't really fans.

But Rugrat is.

After that, we headed home for a Toodles cake.

Toodles is a character on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, her favorite show. He gives them options to help solve whatever problem they are trying to solve. We decided the mystery mouse-ka-tool (the question mark) must be ice cream to go with the cake.

She was very excited over the grandparent gifts that arrived in the mail that day.

And the pile of presents from us didn't hurt her feelings either.

This is right after she blew out the big number 5 candle. I wasn't quick enough to get her in the act.

I had considered doing a party for her but decided that might be better next year when she can get into the decorations and planning a little more.

Plus, she might have a few school friends to invite as well then.

She didn't seem to mind a quiet family celebration. She spent the day excited and anxious to enjoy her birthday. And she was over the moon about her cake.

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