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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Girl Perception

Rugrat has quite the creative bent. She often informs us about what she is currently pretending. Whether she is lining up chairs to play "church" or playing "violin" with her stick handled pom poms, her imagination is always working.

She seems to like imagining about things that are present in her life a lot. And she sees similarity in items that we may not pick up on until she tells us about it. She also has an awesome memory.

So it really wasn't a surprise, for instance, when she recently looked at a picture of my best friend and told me that they have three dogs... with tails (unlike our little Rocky).

Or when she named her green striped sock monkey -- Steve, after the host of the same name on Blue's Clues who always wore a green striped shirt.

Recently, she was playing with some dolls and such. I had to laugh a little when she called them by their newly given names though.

This was "Mama" (ooh la la):

I don't know if she was complimenting me, sucking up, or just being sweet. But, hey, I'll take it.

I would love to have a Barbie doll figure (yes, I know about what she looks like when her proportions were calculated for a real life person).

But, then, she told me who "Baba" was:

And, by the way, that title has persisted for this one toy.

Somehow, I managed to lose the Barbie doll comparison. Hmmm.

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