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Friday, March 1, 2013

Finally -- A Purple Dress

Ever since I discovered the dollar pattern sales at Hancock's, I have been a happy camper. As an example, the one I used recently is $12 regularly (most of mine start at $14 and can reach into the $20 range). Even at half off (which is usually the price at discount stores), that's still a little much. And by the time you add in the cost of fabric and notions, you probably could have bought the piece of clothing new and already made. Or at the very least in a thrift store.

On one of my trips to these sales, I picked up this Simplicity pattern 3588.

It was the Asian-inspired dress in the background that caught my attention.

Several years ago, I made a beautiful dress for myself from some fabric that someone gave me. The fabric was purple with an understated satin design all over it. I ended up passing it on to my mom because the there was a little too much room in the shoulders and it fit her better. But I still had a pretty good pile of fabric left.

Enter Rugrat's love of purple and this pattern.

A couple of nights of sewing and she is very proud of her new dress.

The bodice details are of course what give it that Asian look.

But rather than being straight in the skirt, it has a slight flare with a little more room.

And she is a little sad that it is too thin to wear right now in the cool temps outside.

But spring is just a few weeks away. It'll be making an appearance soon.

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