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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


EOI tests were not something I was familiar with growing up. But honestly, there are a lot of things that Oklahoma does that were not similar to the system that I grew up with.

EOI stands for 'End of Instruction' tests. There are several (passed ones) required to graduate. We had regular standardized testing but never these. However, I have yet to see that they require standardized testing here either. This is the first place, of all that we lived in, that has had EOI's.

I don't feel strongly about either kind of test. I can see pros and cons to both. It is kind of nice in our situation to just focus on the subject that the test is over but, at the same time, if they have to take more than one subject in a day, it's probably a little more like a standardized test day anyway.

With the virtual school program, they have to figure out a place that is as central as possible for most of the students. That causes a couple of weeks centered around Tulsa and a couple around Oklahoma City.

For us, specifically, that means we get to make a 40 minute trip to Norman, Oklahoma. It's usually an all day thing and we are all glad when they are over. Chick has finished all hers thankfully. She's all set to graduate next month. Our day for Dude though was Tuesday.

It does make me appreciate true convenience in making meals. I usually call frozen meals and mixes and pre-made things bought at the store 'convenience foods.' True convenience foods though are like our meal tonight.

Because it's an all day thing, I knew I'd be exhausted so I took precautions. While I was sleeping, I cooked kidney beans in my crockpot. That morning before I left, I drained them and added all the seasonings and meat I had cooked the night before so that the same crockpot would contain our favorite home made chili by evening.When we got home, I grabbed a package of hot dog buns from the freezer in the garage (when they were a good sale price) and set them on the counter. I literally just had to boil the dogs at dinnertime (not that hot dogs is a great meal but it was also a rough, long day).

And honestly, the chili would have been fine with everyone by itself. Especially with shredded cheese (also purchased at rock bottom prices) that I pulled from the freezer that morning. I was worn out and still got to have a good meal that didn't come in a box. And I didn't have to make a run to the store either. Convenience!

Just a little thinking ahead and we were good to go.

So now EOI's are over until next year. And we have survived. On to summer, please.

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