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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Morp is not the latest alien living with Mindy (that probably dated me a lot). It is the prom alternative that our congregation's youth group provides.

Seniors and juniors hop on the bus with the youth minister (and a lot of headache medicine too I'm sure) and head to a different locale -- usually Dallas, TX or thereabouts -- to enjoy a fun activity and then dress in their formal wear and go to a nice restaurant together. After a night in a hotel there, they get up, eat breakfast, have a devotional and head back. Somehow, they manage it all for less than $30 a kid. I'm sure the church must contribute some but we never hear about it.

Last year, they did a go-cart track thing and this year it was Dave n' Busters.You may remember that Chick went last year too. She enjoyed herself immensely.

This year's version was held last weekend (it's usually the same weekend as the local prom).

She had planned not to go if it was held during the prom for the virtual school but it all worked out since this next weekend is that prom. She wants to get the whole senior experience and we want her to have that too. So far things are working out despite the fact that this is their first senior class. By the time Dude is a senior, they'll have all the kinks worked out -- and so will we :).

I was glad it worked out for her to go to both prom and Morp (prom spelled backward). The relationships she develops and strengthens within the youth group are a great source of joy for her and Morp can only help with it.

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