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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Dress

One of the things in Rugrat's Easter basket was a knockoff American Girl type doll. She actually refers to it as her "big doll." And it has long brown hair and came with it's own glasses too.

We weren't real sure how much she might actually play with it but she seems to like it quite a bit.

I had hoped to be able to take advantage of the girl's clothes at Kohl's with a matching outfit for a doll attached to them. Currently, however, all they have is pajamas with matching outfits so I'll guess we'll wait on that.

Hence, the search I recently did to find some clothing patterns for it. Most of them were kind of cheesy to be honest and the others were just either very long (not terribly printable) or unclear.

Then I came across this site. It's actually a collection of retired American Girl historical clothing patterns. I wasn't really looking to make a historical outfit for her doll but I was looking for basic pattern pieces like bodices and skirts. Bingo!

The same night, I cut out the pieces to make her doll this little dress. I sewed it up Monday night while Hubby was gone to a meeting.

She knew I had cut out  the pieces for it so when she got up and saw that it was done, we of course had to let her try it on. It took less than two hours including cutting and sewing time.

I wish my clothes were that quick and easy to make.

(I've also wondered about the feasibility of using Velcro to fasten them. Hmmmm)

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