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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comfrey Salve

I posted last week about making my comfrey infused oil. On Friday, I decided to try making a comfrey salve for the first time. And it worked.

After draining the oil a final time, I was ready to go.

 You can see how much darker it is now. Before when I drained it, it still looked like olive oil. Now, though, it was green from all the comfrey working it's way into the oil.

Then I got my organic beeswax ready.

And prepared the pill boxes I purchased.

I bought a cheap pan at the thrift store specifically for using for this purpose just in case it didn't clean out very well. It turned out to be a good thing I did.

I had forgotten however that I needed a double boiler so this was my makeshift one.

Once all the beeswax was melted and blended with the oil, I poured it into the pillboxes and you can see I had quite a bit leftover that I put into a jar.

It was just beginning to cool some in this picture. They all ended up the color of the sage green in the bottom of the jar there.

To use it, you just rub a little onto your 'boo boo' regularly and let it go to work. The pill boxes ended up like little canisters of lip balm even though it is intended for anywhere. They make it easier to carry with you though.

We actually did that at one of the Chick's birthday parties. The girls each put their shredded wax into a baggie with whatever flavoring (we had peppermint and bubblegum) they wanted. They set their closed bag into some warm water until it got melty.

Then they just squeezed and squished until it was liquid. When they picked out what color pillbox they wanted to use, I clipped off a corner and they squeezed/poured it into the pillbox and let it cool. Almost instant home made lip balm.  And they thought it was very cool.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing how well my home made comfrey salve works. I'll let you know.

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