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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Budding Artist

 Ever since that little school supply shopping trip at the beginning of August, the one thing that totally captured Rugrat's interest was the paint set.

She lovingly fingered it when she could get hold of it.

She would sit and stare at all the colors.

She shook it to see the paintbrush rattle around.

She seriously could not wait to try them out.

Fortunately for her, the other day her Art lesson required some painting. Oh, happy day!

When she was all done, it honestly didn't look like a lot -- just scratches of different colored paint on paper. It looks like they could make the brushes a little bit better. Currently, they really stink. 

But she was so excited. 

And, of course, I oohed and aah-ed over it. It is a proud addition to her art portfolio. And she has been sure to ask each and every time we do an art lesson since if she will get to paint again.

Eventually, I'm sure. Lol.

One of the other things we've been doing is patterns (in Math).  I balked when I saw these lessons. 

I thought it would be difficult for her to grasp. She has to name the patterns (like ABC, AB, AAB, etc.) and assign letters to different patterns. I figured her easy time with Math was over.

I was just amazed at how quickly she picked it up though. I realized in the last couple of lessons that she was positively bored with it because it was so simple for her.

Her language may suffer a little and she may get downright stubborn at times but as we do our school time each day, I am constantly reminded just what a smart cookie she is.

And I often find a little bit of hope that this may not be as hard as I thought.

Which always makes school a little easier.

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