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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wii Rebirth

P.E. is one of the things we have had a hard time with. We've had rain at times so we couldn't really do things outside. And on days I work, it's really hard to fit in that time because I'm so focused on staying on track with the lessons we need to do that it's rather late when we get to it.

We've been using various things -- stretching exercises for kids, yoga for kids, exercise videos for kids on Youtube, etc. -- from the internet or magazines that I find on those days.

The other day, we brought our Wii downstairs to set up in the living room thinking to use the Wii Fit on some of those days. Chick and I played around on it some with the sports game once it was set up -- wanting to make sure it was all working with no problem.

We had both forgotten though how much fun it is. And we got on it several times more that week. It hooked us again.

Then Rugrat discovered it. And, boy, does she like it.

Her favorite is the bowling (which she often scores better than any of us on -- still haven't figured out how she gets all those strikes).

After Chick played baseball, she had to try that one too. She's not too great on that one. I'm not sure she has the timing yet to hit the ball and the pitching begins to bore her some.

When we played it quite a bit after buying it, we would do the boxing to work up a sweat. It was a little light workout for us to some degree and we thought maybe she could use that one for P.E. occasionally. So we let her give it a try too.

She has only lost two matches so far of several. And she can deliver quite the knock out punch.

I'm thinking she may really enjoy the Wii Fit once we get it going for her. It will probably be quite a fun little break for her in her school day.

Until then, I'm enjoying watching her play almost as much as she is enjoying playing it.

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