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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rugrat's Costume

 This weekend, I got to work on Rugrat's costume for Halloween. I had not been concerned about since our fall break is at the end of this week and I figured I would have 2 days this week to do it.

Then I got in the mood to sew and decided to get it done this past Saturday. That leaves fall break for making our other costumes.

She wants to be Cinderella.

Actually, she just told me she wanted to wear a dress that came down to her feet. I pulled out several patterns I had and she chose Cinderella.

So, after this year, she will have been all the Disney princesses she has any kind of affection for.

She has little figures that she plays with and knows the names of (i.e. Aurora, Ariel, Tianna, etc.) but she has no clue what their movies are about or could even give you any details about them.

She did mention being a cowgirl (or cowboy girl) a few times this weekend but I pointed out that I had already gotten the fabric. Once I started working on it, she got excited about it so the cowboy girl may have been temporarily forgotten.

I may make a cowgirl costume for her later to just play with.

I have to admit that, even though I wasn't stressing about making her costume, it is nice to know it's done.

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