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Monday, January 6, 2014

A Field Trip to the Zoo

 On December 2nd, we took a little field trip. That was the single day that week that it was supposed to be nice. I had to work the next two days and a big nasty snow storm was supposed to move in the day after that.

I had two free passes to the zoo that expired at the end of December so it was pretty much that day. And, wouldn't you know, when we got there we found out it was free admission day. Oh well.

I had to wait until after Rugrat's class connect to go which put us getting there about 11:30. I had intended to bring snacks enough that we wouldn't have to buy lunch but I was rushing and didn't do it. I really had wanted this to be an outing that didn't cost anything but gas to get there so I was feeling disappointed in myself.

Jack in the Box had a mobile unit in the front of the zoo though and I thought, well, at least its convenient. It was real convenient. They were giving out free burgers, fries, and shakes to push the grand opening of a new store. Umm. Okay.

Not exactly a nutritious lunch but I couldn't complain about the price.

We have almost never made it to the zoo in the morning or even noonish. It was almost always afternoon despite having been told that morning was the best time to see the animals.

Well, it was breezy and cool that morning but had just begun to warm up when we arrived. I don't think I had known they had so many animals. They were all out enjoying the sun. They probably heard the same weather forecast we did and figured they better enjoy it while they could.

 the retreating anteater

 this gorilla gave us quite a show... including first making and then eating his own, well, um, poo. really glad I'm not a gorilla.

 afraid I was more excited about seeing this tiger than Rugrat was

 Rugrat got really excited about feeding the ducks from the quarter gum machines of duck food. I knew this about her hence the mass of quarters in my bag.

 pig babies having their milk -- again she didn't really get the fuss. oh well.

These were the animals we had been looking for though. Her two favorites are giraffes (#1) and zebras (#2). We couldn't seem to remember exactly where they were.

Oh, yeah. They are all the way at the end of one dead end corner all by themselves.

And there was even a baby giraffe. 

Now we could actually end our visit. We had seen the most important thing.

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