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Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Calista

or Callie (as I and Rugrat are calling her). She is a little over 2 months old. We had wanted to get another cat/kitten but had been planning to wait until after our upcoming visit at Memorial Day weekend.

However, the Oklahoma City Humane Society had an adoption event on Saturday and Petsmart (how cool are they!) was covering the adoption fees for anyone who wanted to adopt. So we went to take a look.

 Because we got her at the adoption event, she has already been spayed and microchipped. We just have to keep her up to date on her shots and watch out for her little incision until it heals up. All the hard work has been done for us.

Hubby had been thinking about getting a ragdoll kitten. They like to be held, spend time with people, and don't fight you if you want to carry them around or pet them on your lap. I told him he wanted a dog then. He didn't agree.

This little kitten captured our attention while we were there. And, it turns out, she seems to be like that without the expensive pedigree. We got to meet her foster mom who was a volunteer there and could give us a lot of info about her. She seemed pleased that Callie bonded to us straight away.

We also found out that the foster mom had a dog and little Callie was the only one who seemed interested in it. She still hasn't become friends, per se, with Rocky but she doesn't seem afraid of him anymore (unless he comes at her pretty quickly). They've come to a cautious truce, I would say. She was even trying to play with his little knob of a tail earlier this morning.

Rugrat made her a little nervous too but she seemed by Sunday to have just accepted that she has a little more energy than we do. She pretty much just keeps an eye on her at this point to make sure she doesn't need to move out of the way quickly. Otherwise, they ARE already friends. And Rugrat has declared her love for Callie more than once.

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