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Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School has definitely begun!

I haven't posted for over a week. And now that I am, it's only an apology for not posting for over a week.

Can you tell school has begun?

We are finally starting to get back into a rhythm. The requirements for Rugrat's school have become a bit more flexible so I won't have as much stress as last year, I think. Once she started to catch on last year, we ran right through her lessons most of the time and only had the occasional snag with a stubborn mood or something that didn't stick. By the end, we were finding anything and everything to fill up the time requirement. The time requirement is gone this year. She needs only to demonstrate progress and be in touch with her teacher on a regular basis (classes) so my main stress-er is gone.

Dude's have also loosened up in one way and tightened up in another. His school work usually doesn't affect me too much at this point. It's mostly him and his teachers. I'm just the bouncer -- making sure he's doing what he's supposed to and keeping him in line and on track. His time has never been an issue but it's no longer a requirement. Now he has to get his work done and attend his classes regularly. The classes are probably going to be an adjustment for him. He didn't usually go to as many as he will have to now. But most teachers have adjusted their work load to fit with the classes so that he isn't working all night after attending 5 hours of classes one day. They've also shortened the classes since they are doing them more frequently. So it is actually much easier than we initially thought.

I think this year will be much better than last year. I could be fooling myself but it seems like some pretty positive changes are taking place.

I hope your school year has begun well.

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